Let's hear from our customers



Since we started to offer Shared Ownership homes across Cheshire in 2019, one of the best bits is undoubtedly going to visit our customers once they have moved in.  Here we catch up with just some of our customers.

Winnington Place, Winnington, Northwich

We first heard about Prospa homes through my Mum and Stepdad who lived on the estate already. Since having our little boy, Riley, we had been looking for a three bedroom family home closer to our family and friends, and this was perfect. I work in conveyancing so we had been actively looking at shared ownership housing as it was within our budget and would be a way for us to join the property ladder. Prospa homes were so helpful and reassuring throughout that whole process and made our house move smooth and straight forward.

Our advice to first time buyers would be to seriously consider buying a shared ownership home, they are an affordable way to owning your own home and a great first step onto the property ladder. We absolutely love our Marton house, it really is the perfect family home, it’s super cosy and the layout is ideal for a family of three. You can follow our house to home journey on our Instagram page @our_marton_home

Winnington Place, Winnington, Northwich

We’ve had nervous knots all day!  We genuinely can’t believe we are getting the keys to our very own home today.  We started looking in December and had heard of shared ownership and investigated it for the first time with Prospa Homes.  We were looking to buy and have been saving, but with shared ownership having the advantage of a smaller deposit made it possible for us sooner.

The whole process from start to finish has been so easy and straightforward, the Prospa team kept up to date regularly and, on the day, we moved it, they went through everything. We are really looking forward to having our own space and making the place our own with interiors, decoration and furnishings, starting with new carpets!   We think shared ownership can work for so many people and would encourage to seriously consider this an option.

Stanneylands, Wilmslow

Meet Isabella, one of our Stanneylands, Wilmslow customers.

“I found out about Prospa Homes online, I wanted to stay in Wilmslow and my Mum searched for properties for sale around the area and Prospa Homes website popped up. Shared ownership was new to me and when I investigated it further, I realised it could suit my needs. Shared ownership also worked out cheaper than my previous mortgage, so after the move I’ve had extra equity to save.

I grew up and was living in Wilmslow so wanted to remain, but I couldn’t afford either rent or outright sale (average price of a 3-bed home in Wilmslow  is *£532,368)  so shared ownership was the perfect in between. My children also attend the local schools, so I didn’t want to cause any disturbance to their education and move them elsewhere.

Living here is even better than expected – both the home and on the development. Me and my boys have made friends with the surrounding neighbours and their children, they enjoy the play area and green spaces. I love it, absolutely love it, the estate has such a nice feel, despite the building works during the day as the development is ongoing, it is so quiet during the evenings, weekends, and everyone you pass is so friendly.

Prospa Homes and the sales team were brilliant, keeping me regularly updated and handing over the keys was a special day for us all. There was one very minor defect for which I have an appointment, with a quick response and easy communication.

The house has a sturdy, well- built feel, and it’s very warm which is reassuring given the current situation, I haven’t had to put the heating on yet, and some days even have the windows wide open as it gets so warm!

Some would say it is cheaper to buy outright and in a cheaper area for future investment, but you’ve got to look at the ‘here and now’ and what works best for you. For me and my family, it worked perfectly for our situation, and we get to live in an area where both me and the boys have grown up, with a much more affordable option.

I also have the option to buy in the future which I’m considering, but also have the option to sell if it came to it; it’s great to have that flexibility. I’ve not felt restricted with decoration either, although it isn’t completely mine it still feels like my home, which you don’t get in a rental property where it can be extremely limited. I don’t plan to do any huge changes, but I know I have the option to do so.

My new house is so homely, me and the boys have had a fresh start thanks to shared ownership”

Stanneylands, Wilmslow

Having just moved in, Paola and her family have already made this brand new shared ownership house their home.  The family love this area, being close to great schools and shops and with the countryside and city of Manchester in reach, this is an ideal family home.  Coming from a rented house, Shared Ownership was a great option for the family to have a home for the long term, and they already feel settled and are getting to know their new neighbours, who are all fairly new to the Stanneylands development.  With just a few more bits of furniture to arrive and some work to their garden, their home is already looking stunning.  The family are looking forward to spending many more years calling Stanneylands their home; and their dog is very happy too!

Dane View, Northwich

We always love to be greeted by a happy dog and at Dane View this was just the case when we visited, just look at that face!  These customers have been in their home well over a year and feel very happy and settled.  This summer is the first year their hard work in the garden is starting to show, with a lovely selection of roses and flowers in full bloom.  With lots of photos on the walls of children and grandchildren, this home has such a cosy feel to it and being able to downsize with Shared Ownership suited this couple.  Being handy, the kitchen has had a few extra bits added for a personal touch, and their lovely doggy has found his favourite spot on top of one of the sofa cushions, so he can keep an eye on the garden and on the front door at the same time!

Woodford Grange, Winsford

We could have spent all afternoon with this lovely couple, who have been in their home about two months.  Coming from a rented home with Weaver Vale Housing Trust, they were able to buy a Shared Ownership home after finding out more details about how it could work for them.  They’ve made a great start on the garden with some railway sleepers, a water feature and a shed.  The couple were very complimentary about the Prospa team throughout the sales process, from their first phone call of enquiry to the day they moved in. Recommending Shared Ownership to anyone looking to buy a home at their time of life, this couple are delighted that they now have a home of their own.  With family living locally, they’ve had lots of people popping over (for now, socially distanced of course) to help celebrate their move.

Darnhall Walk, Middlewich

Being the first home for this young couple, staying local was important to them.  Shared Ownership gave them the option for a smaller deposit, on the share they have purchased with a mortgage, to enable them to get on the property ladder. Wanting a home that they would be able to put their stamp on, and entertain in, was top of their minds.  They moved in during the pandemic and said it was strange to get a key code to open a box to get their keys and move in!  They’ve really enjoyed pulling together the look and feel of their home, and we especially love their fabulous bed and bedroom, so chic!  After a pandemic move in, they can’t wait to have friends over in the garden to celebrate their first home together.

Brereton Grange, Arclid Village

Being so happy in her new home, this customer says how quiet and peaceful it is here, in this development in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.  She says she would recommend Shared Ownership to anyone who isn’t in a position to buy a house outright.  Finding private renting scary due to high costs and insecurity, she thinks Shared Ownership is the perfect option.

With Shared Ownership you are able to buy a share from 25% with a mortgage, and rent the rest of the home, along with the opportunity to staircase and buy more of the home when you are ready.  Shared Ownership works for a range of different circumstances and you can confirm your eligibility for shared ownership via Help to Buy North West HERE.

Dane View, Northwich

After a busy month of moving in, this young family are settled and loving their new home. ‘We are over the moon and with two young boys it’s nice to have our own garden. The house is perfect, we wouldn’t have a family home if it wasn’t for Shared Ownership.   House prices in this area of Cheshire are well above the national average and buying via Shared Ownership means a smaller mortgage and smaller deposit on that mortgage.    For more details about house Shared Ownership works take a look here or drop us a message via our Contact Us page.